Let tea be your medicine 

Discover Powerful and Soothing  Herbal Infusions

Enhance your health

Sour Soup Leaf organic tea

Our organic medicinal teas can help support your health by using herbs and use the power of plants to promote a healthier wellbeing. 

Introducing this tea into your daily routine increases your nutritional intake and enhances your daily wellness.

We take pride in the quality of our products. Our range of herbal teas are 100% organic and have a number of health benefits which can do wonders for you and enhance the impact of your lifestyle.
Diamine organic herbal tea : Moringa, Guinea Hen Weed and Sour Soup tea, Guinea Hen Weed tea
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Why Choose Diamine Teas?


The Highest Quality

Our herbal tea team ensure only the highest quality ingredients go into each tea bag and the strength, purity and taste are just right. 
About Diamine Teas


Benefit Your Physical Health

From Turmeric to Moringa herbal tea remedies, we have a range of teas that will treat your taste buds and benefit your physical health. 


Ethically Sourced Herbs

We embrace ingredient purity, sustainability and Fair Trade principles to bring you incredible organic teas that combine nature’s finest ethically sourced herbs.
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