Let tea be your medicine 


Diamine oganic tea range: Guinea Hen weed and cinamon tea, Moringa and sour soup tea, Moringa tea, Turmenic tea, Neem tea

Herbal Tea Specialists 

Diamine was founded in 2013

But our journey didn’t begin there. Our organic tea has been grown and sold in the Caribbean for generations. 

Originally grown as a natural way to combat health issues and avoid forking out high medical costs, the family’s organic teas became a beloved staple in the local community, renowned for its naturopathic healing properties. 

As time went on

Local farmers utilised the best farming techniques to ensure that these teas had a great taste and were packed with a nutritious punch! 

As the Redhead family expanded, members began to travel to different corners of the globe: London, New York, Toronto - never forgetting to take the teas with them. This was partly to carry an authentic taste of home wherever they went, but also to maintain their good health on their quest for new adventures. 

Soon these herbal organic teas became a hit with friends, colleagues and with the people they met on their journey, who were intrigued by the Caribbean’s naturopathic tea culture. 
World map made of tea
Different sorts of tea on white background

Our mission

Is not only to provide a healthy and great-tasting herbal tea, but to also ensure that all our farmers receive fair trade in exchange for their best organic produce. 

After leaving the Caribbean and heading for England, Rubin decided to bring his family’s tradition to the global market. 

Inspired by his family’s approach to tea-making, Diamine’s main focus was to grow crops in the best organic conditions and only include nutritious and naturopathic healing ingredients in all their teas. 

With this in mind, Rubin went back to the Caribbean and began to source the best farmers from his local community to deploy age-old farming techniques that would guarantee a nutritious punch and fresh quality. 

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